A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Bracelet For Your Style

You can’t go wrong with gorgeous bracelets when it comes to jewelry. The best thing about bracelets is that they rarely go wrong and look great on men and women alike. Bracelets are fun to wear because we can almost always see them as our wrists are always in sight but they are so versatile that they take the overall look a notch higher. They are the perfect accessory for stacking and layering, a trend which has been doing the rounds for quite some time. 

The concept of bracelets has been around for a long time, since olden days in fact. Bracelets are now made from a broad range of materials (including metal, cotton, plastic, and leather) and are frequently adorned with gemstones, crystals, metal, and pearls. With so many lovely bracelets to select from, how can you choose the ideal bracelet style for your personality and lifestyle? To help you figure out your preferences, check out this website to purchase gold bracelets.

Beaded Bracelets :

Beaded bracelets can be worn in a single or multi-row pattern and are extensible and stretchy. They may also be embellished with jewels in a variety of colors and look wonderful when stacked. They are more casual and cheaper.

Chain-and-link bracelets are formed by joining links together to form a band. These are usually fashioned of a precious metal such as gold or silver. They are versatile and can range from delicate chains to bulky ones. Chain-and-link bracelets come in a variety of precious metals and are ideal for stacking.

Handmade :

Bracelets made by hand can range from hand-forged metal or gold to finely designed beads strung in lovely combinations. Handmade bracelets are often one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind objects that reflect creativity. A jeweler who specializes in custom jewelry can work with you to design the perfect piece, whether it’s inspired by a sentimental remembrance (such as creating a bracelet using a gem from a loved one’s engagement ring in a unique, rose-gold setting) or a bold fashion statement that looks exactly how you want it to.

Charms :

Charm bracelets are link bracelets with little trinkets or charms dangling from the chain or links. You may have as little as one charm or as many as hundreds! Each charm might symbolize a different person, location, or emotional thing.

Cuff :

Cuff bracelets are inflexible circular or oval shapes that are a form of bangle bracelet. These have a looser fit and are wider and chunkier, with no clasp or closing. Cuff bracelets have no clasp and are open on the back or front. Try on a couple different styles and sizes to get the best fit for you.

Tennis :

Tennis bracelets are distinguished by their delicate chain design and individually placed jewels. Tennis bracelets, also known as line bracelets, are often composed of diamonds, however their links may be created with different jewels. These are classic pieces worn by elite people in olden days. 

Arm bracelets :

Also known as armlets, these are bands or bracelets that are wrapped around the upper half of the arm. They are often made of soft linen or metal and include valuable stones. Arm bracelets have been worn since ancient times and are quite fashionable and trendy and have a hippie inspired look. 

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