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Trade Contract And Main Contract With Solid Carpentry Work

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Are you looking for a professional company that can offer professional contract and main contract for any project? Then you should take a closer look at this page. At Jacobsen Byg, we are happy to handle conversions, renovations, replacements and retrofitting in either a specialist contract or a main contract in many places in the country, such as in Jacobsen Byg or Greater Copenhagen. However, we are also available outside of these areas, so you should not hesitate to contact us for assistance. We are a professional carpentry and joinery company, which has more than 18 years of experience in the two professions. Therefore, we have solved many different tasks over time, and our competencies are therefore very broad. In other words, we can handle large as well as small tasks for both private customers, institutions, companies, housing associations and municipalities.

Our employees are always responsible for solid Tømrerfirma and joinery work, regardless of whether it is a trade contract or a main contract. We are available for any project where we guarantee a successful course without any bumps in the road.

Main contractor with control of the whole and the details

Dialogue and cooperation are the prerequisite for a good result in a main contract as well as in a specialist contract. We have many years of experience in the industry, where we have handled many main contracts and specialist contracts. At the same time, all our employees are skilled and well-trained, which guarantees you solid and professional results all around.

We carry out conversions, extensions and renovations, including replacements of roofs, windows and kitchen furniture as well as retrofitting of homes and properties. We always maintain an overview, just as we, as carpenters, focus on the details. In other words, you can expect durable, high-quality results that you can enjoy for many years into the future when you work with us.

Collaboration is worth its weight in gold in any professional contract

When we carry out a turnkey contract, it is done with permanent and skilled partners such as masons, painters, electricians, concrete workers, sewer masters and plumbers, whom we have great confidence in. We have worked with these companies for many years and can therefore fully vouch for the results they deliver. We know each other’s workflow and methods, which is important for a good collaboration.

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