Cycling Safety Advice for Commuters in Boston.

Various bike safety precautions can assist you in remaining safe on your commute, regardless of where in Massachusetts you ride to work in the greater Boston region or elsewhere. As a commuter cyclist, you log more weekly miles than the typical person, travel great distances daily, and spend significantly more time on your bike than others. There are a few safety issues to be cautious of when cycling to work because of the amount of time and distance you travel. You can click here to learn more.

General Massachusetts Commuter Cyclist Safety Advice.

On the road, cyclists have various rights and obligations. Another top priority is your own safety.

  • Seeing While Cycling

Being seen is crucial when riding a bike. Wearing vibrant fluorescent hues is the best course of action. According to studies, fluorescent colors are the most noticeable to drivers. Due to their striking comparison with the riding environment, fluorescent red, orange, and yellow are particularly useful hues.

  • Speed Perception

Speed should be considered while planning a safe cycle commute in Massachusetts, especially if you use an e-bike. No matter your traveling speed, it is crucial to be conscious of how it relates to the speed of oncoming traffic and other drivers.

Drivers sometimes make inaccurate judgments about the speed of bicycles, which can cause many drivers to pass cyclists to make a right turn without understanding the bike will soon be right by them again.

  • Cycle Lanes

Ride in designated bike lanes or on bike paths wherever possible. While it is not always possible, using painted or protected bike lanes may help keep you safe during your journey.

Always ride with the flow of traffic and not against it, whether you are in a bike lane or pedaling on the road.

  • The Best Bicycle Route to Take

Consider the best route to travel to work and home if multiple options are available. While one route might be quicker to go by car, it is possible that a different route can be taken by bike that is about the same distance and may be on more peaceful or less congested roads, which might result in a safer commute.

  • Cycling Insurance

We suggest one of three insurance options for bikers in Massachusetts. Bike insurance is available for various situations, including when you are at fault in an accident, when you are hit by a car, when you want to safeguard your bike, and much more.

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