Cool Things To Do In Sharjah – A beautiful Gulf country

It is true that it is a desert country without permanent rivers, but it is the only one with access to both the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Once one of the richest emirates. The first international airport was established here in 1932. Today, keeping the tradition, it is rapidly entering the 21st century. Sharjah is also known as Sharjah and Ash-Sharika.

Sharjah, the city, and the emirate are clearly different from their neighbors. It is most often associated with a Dubai bedroom. In terms of area, the emirate ranks third in the country, but its location gives it many opportunities. If you are planning to visit this place with your entire family or friends. No worry, just start planning, visit emirates official website and book flights online right away. Also, save up to 45% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To help you out, here’s a list of cool things to do in Sharjah that you may love to do:

The city of museums

UNESCO in 1998 awarded Sharjah with the title of “Cultural Capital of Arab Countries”. The title is well deserved because you can find 21 museums and centers of culture and art here. All museums and galleries are located in the old town and are close to each other. Five old restored buildings house a number of museums and galleries. The most famous is the Art Museum. It houses 68 exhibitions, including a private collection of 19th-century European painters belonging to the Sheikh. Paintings and lithographs show life in Muslim countries. Small museums such as the calligraphy museum and the school museum are very interesting. The fort is also worth visiting. The prices for admission tickets are symbolic.

Spend a day at Al Majaz

From morning to evening, the Al Majaz coast is the perfect place to spend a day with the family. The coast has many attractions for people of all age groups. For the youngest, there are parks, playgrounds, mini-golfs, and many other attractions, and adults can relax in restaurants or walk around the area.

Go to Ajman to find traces from prehistoric times

Of the entire tourist attractions in Ajman, Ajman Museum happens to be the most famed of all. There is an outstanding display of Emirati weapons and a manuscript exhibit. Ajman Beaches is a place where you are looking for relaxation. Non-guests can usually use the beach and enjoy the facilities of beach hotels by paying a day pass if they want to spend the day in plenty of sunshine, and Ajman beaches cannot be beaten.

Enjoy the tranquility towards Oman in the coastal city of Fujairah

Fujairah is quite close to Oman. It’s on the border with Oman by the sea. It’s a bit of a place to relax. Not so hectic, so quite there. There are plenty of activities to do here, such as camping and fishing. You can dip your soul in the soothing sea breeze and the view of the mountains is just the icing on top of the cake. The best part

Walk through the streets of the old town

While in Sharjah, it is definitely worth taking a stroll through the streets of the old town. You will be able to feel the specific atmosphere of Arab neighborhoods there, and above all, visit restaurants serving traditional cuisine at very affordable prices. You can move on foot, it’s close to everything there. However, if you thought of using a taxi, it is worth downloading an offline map, preferably Google maps, or having a photo of the place where you want to get on the phone. Given that the taxi drivers come from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Nepal, you can expect problems reading the information. English is not the best for them either, so your attempts to explain where you want to go were successful only the seventh time.

Admire the sights from the Eye of Emirates

Situated in the bustling Al Qanat Qasba area, the Eye of the Emirates is quite a popular attraction. UAE’s answer to the famous London Eye is a large Ferris wheel offering fantastic views of the city and coast. The row of skyscrapers and gleaming white buildings that meet the Persian Gulf blue waters is an unforgettable sight.

Go shopping at the Blue Bazaar

Known as the most photographed building in the city, the Blue Souk is a shopping mall in Sharjah with amazing architectural detail. The complex consists of six buildings with over 600 shops. The Blue Souk is the main building that offers a wide variety of goods such as electronics, artifacts, and clothing. Regardless of whether you fancy shopping or not, it is always worth thinking about this place.

Take your family to the Arabian Animal Center

Sharjah is part of the desert region and boasts some truly unique wildlife, all of which can be found at the Arabian Animal Center. The center is divided into three areas: mammals, reptiles and insects. This center is about more than a zoo – it was created to help re-populate certain species with a breeding program and inform visitors about the dangers of their extinction.


A lot of interesting attractions await you with the atmosphere of tradition in the background. So, don’t think much and book your next trip to Dubai with AirlinesMap and customize your Dubai tour package itself. Remember, however, that in this most conservative of the emirates, it is necessary to follow the rules of dress and behavior.

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