Dream Big, Act Local With Justin Fields for the Sake of Basketball

It is said that work hard in silence and let your success makes all the noise. We have got a live example of the saying “Justin Fields.” Justin is a phenomenal basketball trainer based in Toronto, Canada. Being the only one in the sports industry from the family, the things he has achieved so far are all because of his hard work and dedication. Justin Fields is all about basketball and helping the kids get into the NBA scenes. 

Justin, With His Love for Basketball

From a very young age, Justin was inclined so much toward sports. At the age of six years, he used to play basketball and later also played pro ball professionally. Justin was a shooting guard back in Beijing for about two years and maintains his average at 28 points per game. The player that Justin admires the most is Lebron James, aka King James, in the National Basketball Association. While having a great love for basketball, Justin is now training and pushing emerging talent to get in the limelight via his basketball training facility, supposedly the best training facility in Canada.

Recognizing His True Passion

It was all crystal clear to Justin that he wanted to do something in sports but needed to figure out what, playing or coaching. That’s when his life led him to coach Scarborough blues back in 2014, and Justin realized that this was what he wanted to do. After playing all these years, he wants to make ways for others to get in the NBA scenes, give back, and contribute to the community. He wanted to take the basketball legacy to a higher level. He worked day and night to establish his training facility. With his hard work, struggle, and positive attitude, Justin fields started his training program in 2016.

A Knack for Winning in Every Situation

It’s not enough to just have a coach that will train you. To win it, you ought to have a skilled and professional coach who inspires you to outshine others. Justin Fields is one of the most influential basketball coaches at present times. He is not just training the young talent to be the best but also supports them when they feel down on themselves for not scoring enough on the court. Justin field is not doing it for the money but for the kids to be active, out of trouble, and accomplish their dreams in basketball.

Making Ways for the Talent to Enter NBA

The Canadian basketball coach has a vast experience as a professional trainer and trained a lot of teams. His basketball facility is open for everyone to join, learn and play. Whether you want improvement in shooting, defense, or driving, Justin will turn all your weaknesses into strengths. Under his leadership, the kids are growing skill-wise, and as well as Justin’s training includes enhancing their confidence. When Justin witnesses these changes, it is a moment of pure joy for him to get paid for his hard work. Justin Fields plans to open more gyms around the city to get as many kids as possible into the NBA with their love of basketball. He wants to be the best basketball trainer in Canada.

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