Home Health Covered Services

Home health services include many things including skilled nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and more.

Nursing health services that are skilled:

  • Services are provided under the supervision of a certified or licensed nurse to help you treat an injury or illness.
  • The services you can receive could include injections (and the instruction to self-inject) Tube feedings, catheter replacements, monitoring and evaluation of your health treatment, and evaluation of your care plan and treatment for wounds.
  • It is available all seven days of the week, for a maximum of not more than 8 hours per day or the week is 28 hours. In certain situations, Medicare can cover up to 35 hours per week.

Therapy health services for skilled people: 

  • Speech, physical, and occupational therapy services that are reasonably priced and essential to treat injuries or illnesses that are provided with the guidance of a licensed therapist.portable photohop
  • The physical therapy program includes gait training as well as supervision and instruction for exercises that help to restore movement and strength within a body part.
  • Speech-language pathology includes exercises that help to improve and strengthen the skills of speech and language.
  • The occupational therapy program helps you recover the ability to perform normal daily tasks by yourself like eating or dressing.

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Home health aid: 

Medicare covers the full amount for an assistant when the need is for skilled assistance (skilled therapies or nursing). Aides at home provide personal services such as assistance with toileting, bathing, and dressing. Medicare does not cover an aide if you just require personal care, and do not require skilled assistance.

Social health services for medical conditions:

Medicare pays in total for the services requested by your physician to assist you to deal with emotional and social issues related to your disease. It could include counseling or assistance in finding resources within your local area.

Medical supplies: 

Medicare pays in full for certain medical equipment, for example, catheters and wound dressings in the event that they are supplied by an agency that is Medicare-certified for home health (HHA).

Durable medical equipment (DME):

Medicare covers 80% of the approved amount for specific pieces of medical equipment like a walker or wheelchair. You are required to pay a 20% coinsurance (plus 15 percent more) ) if your home health care provider doesn’t

Be aware that you cannot be eligible in Medicare home health insurance when you just require occupational therapy. If you are eligible for health care at home on a different basis it is possible to receive occupational therapy. If your other health issues are resolved then you are able to continue receiving occupational therapy that is covered by Medicare as part of the benefit for home health if you require it.

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