What is Kurlopedic Technology and How Will It Keep the Mattress Fresh and Free of Dust Mites?

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Kurlon, the country’s leading mattress designer, introduced the Kurlopedic technology a few years ago. A new range of mattresses accompanied their latest innovation, and subsequently, all of their existing mattresses were also upgraded by using kurlopedic technology.

Kurlopedic technology provides optimal comfort to the consumers. These mattresses include features such as:

Advanced Centre Densification:

This feature increases the material density at the centre, so that the Mattress online India gives the perfect back and body support. 

Vertical Orientation:

This feature gives a vertical orientation to the coil, which provides a natural spring to it, and thus results in perfect balance. 

Zero Pressure Point:

 This feature helps in the reduction of local pressure that builds up, and therefore, restores normal blood circulation, which helps in decreasing back and neck pain.

Motion Separation Index:

This ensures that there is zero disturbance, as it localizes the load which keeps the consumer from jostling.

Furthermore, these mattresses come with anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bed bug qualities, which keep dust mites and bed bugs at bay. These features also keep the consumers assured, who might be scared about contracting bed bugs, or attracting any germs which could be harmful to them, not to mention making their beds unhygienic. Additionally, mattresses that have been designed using kurlopedic technology have side walling, which keeps them from sagging and disfiguring. 

Kurlon mattress prices are worthy, even if they are a little on the steeper side, because of the quality that the company provides. Kurlon believes that to achieve excellence, there is a need for constant innovation, research, and development. This approach has worked well for the brand, as they have remained on top of their game for many years, whether it is in the market, or on their customers’ minds. 

The company comes with a stellar reputation, owing to its 55+ years in the business. The brand’s focus has always been on providing only the best to the consumers. In order to keep their quality standards high, they are constantly innovating, and focusing on research to come up with new technologies and better the customer experience.

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