Does a Fully Automatic Washing Machine Dry Clothes Completely?

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A fully automatic washing machine comes equipped with several in-built programs and modes that can be used to wash your clothes, just at the click of a button. The machine performs everything automatically; you just need to pick a program suitable for your clothes and start the machine after loading in your clothes. 

A fully automatic washing machine helps you carry out all your laundry-related chores in a seamless manner. Once your clothes are washed, the next task is the drying of clothes.

When considering the drying of clothes, the question that comes to mind is the functional difference between a washing machine and a dryer. People are often confused about whether to choose the best fully automatic washing machine, a washer dryer combo, or two separate appliances.

What are washer-dryer combos?

A washer-dryer is a type of washing machine fitted with a tumble dryer that can be used to dry clothes quickly. All fully automatic washing machines dry your clothes, and it’s indeed a good option as both washing and drying of the clothes can be done in a single device. 

These washing machines with dryer combo are a perfect choice for people living in the city’s interior or small apartments. Many individuals in this busy world have little or no time to spare for drying their clothes, and this drying feature helps them a lot as the machine-dried garments are ready for use with or without ironing.

If you choose a washer and dryer separately, then you need to transfer the clothes after the washing cycle is completed to the drying machine. Furthermore, two separate machines require a lot of space to set up. Also, your energy consumption would rise when two different machines are operated instead of one. 

There are many top brands that provide the washer-dryer combo. Bosch washing machine prices are affordable. So, that’s the reason Bosch washing machines are the most preferred ones among them.  These washer dryer combos make use of advanced German technology, which employs tumble drying and hot air passage to provide you with dry and ready-to-use clothes in under sixty minutes.

Are the clothes dried completely in fully automatic washing machines?

Your clothes can be easily dried in a fully automatic washing machine as they have a spinner that distributes hot air equally throughout the rotating drum. After the washing is over, drying of the clothes is carried out, which is the last process of the wash cycle. The machine spins at different speeds when washing the clothes and when drying them.

The spinning process of the fully automatic washing machine extracts the water from the clothes and successfully dries them. With a faster spin speed, the clothes dry quickly. A small amount of energy is used to carry out the spinning process, making it an energy-efficient option when compared to separate dryer systems. 

However, if we contemplate the efficiency of water extraction from the clothes, which cannot be considered 100%, you can still easily achieve around 70-80% drying up of the clothes effectively.

Tips to be followed while drying clothes in a fully automatic washing machine

A washing machine with a dryer facility helps you dry clothes at your convenient time, and it comes in handy when there is no sunlight or during the rainy season. Some important tips that you should remember while drying clothes in a washing machine include:

1) You should check the wash care level of the clothes, which helps you to understand whether they can be dried in the machine or not.

2) After some time, lint starts building up in the fluff filter of the washing machine. If not cleaned properly, the lint reduces the efficiency of your washing machine or dryers.

3) When you use a tumble dryer to dry your clothes, you should program the setting based on the fabric to be dried.

4) You should always unbutton the shirts and close the zippers before putting them to dry. If the zippers are not fastened, then they can snag other clothes in the washing machine.

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How to Properly Maintain a Fully Automatic Washing Machine with a Dryer?

A fully automatic washing machine with a dryer is a convenient appliance that makes laundry day a breeze. However, like any other household appliance, it needs proper maintenance to ensure its longevity and efficiency. Here are some tips on how to maintain your fully automatic washing machine with a dryer:

Clean the lint filter regularly: The lint filter collects the lint from your clothes during the drying cycle. Over time, the filter can get clogged, reducing the machine’s efficiency. Clean the lint filter after every drying cycle to ensure that it’s free of debris.

Check the water inlet filter: The water inlet filter collects debris that can clog the machine’s water inlet valve. Check the filter regularly and clean it if necessary to ensure that the machine has a steady water supply.

Use the right detergent: Using too much detergent can damage the machine and cause it to malfunction. Always use the recommended amount of detergent for your load size.

Don’t overload the machine: Overloading the machine can damage its components and reduce its efficiency. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on load size.

Clean the drum: Over time, the drum can accumulate dirt, soap scum, and other debris. Clean the drum regularly to prevent odors and maintain the machine’s efficiency.

A fully automatic washing machine with a dryer is a valuable investment for any household. With proper maintenance, it can provide many years of reliable service.


Washing machines with in-built dryer functions have become a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. You can save time from your laundry chores as the fully automatic washing machines just require feeding the soiled clothes and setting the mode of washing needed. 

The dryer function helps you to quickly dry your clothes by spinning them at the required RPM. This process, in turn, drives out all the soaked water and completely dries your clothes to be fit for use. If you are planning to buy washing machines, the best choice would be to go for a fully automatic washing machine with a dryer in-built.

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