Past Life Reincarnation Research

Reincarnation research

Why does a majority of people around the world believe in reincarnation? There are various reasons for this: on the one hand philosophical and intellectual reasons, on the other hand there are actually some indications that show that reincarnation is more than just blind faith. Reincarnation is a meaningful, satisfying, activating and also comforting idea for most people. The doctrine of reincarnation says

  • That everything has a purpose and nothing happens by accident,
  • That everything has its cause in karma,
  • That there is a certain justice
  • That what we cannot achieve in this life, we may be able to achieve in the next life,
  • That the world is a school where you can learn lessons and have the time and opportunity to actually learn those lessons at some point.


In addition, there are also some indications that parapsychologists, psychological research and medical research have researched more and more in recent decades and have further deepened knowledge about them.

In the following I would like to briefly list these indications that the doctrine of reincarnation is more than just a belief and then explain them in more detail.

Past Life Memories in Normal Consciousness:

There are children who remember past lives. American researcher Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia has documented countless cases in which it has been shown that the person children remembered as their past life actually existed.


In so-called regressions, people can be guided by reincarnation therapists into actual or supposed earlier lives.

Near-death experiences:

Since Raymond Moody, the so-called near-death experiences have been studied in a wide variety of ways. These suggest that consciousness and perception are possible without the brain and senses.

Channel Media:   Some people can tell verifiable things about the dead that they never knew.

Out of Body Experiences:

Many people have the experience of leaving their body through deep relaxation, telepathy meditation, anesthesia, coma, or altered levels of consciousness. Some can then describe what is in a neighboring room. Some have the feeling of encountering subtle beings.

Deja Vu experiences:

Some people or situations seem very familiar at first glance and a close connection is immediately there. This could indicate that you know them from a previous life.

Genius gifts can be well explained by past lives.

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