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Undoubtedly, there is a lot that takes place in the postpartum phase. With a baby, your focus is to cater to their needs. However, it is also relevant that you take good care of yourself. For an easy postpartum recovery, here are must-have items.

Maxi Pads

After delivery, you’ll experience vaginal discharge known as lochia. The bleeding might go on for a long period, and thus is essential that you have maxi pads. You might be thinking of whether you can consider using other options like a tampon.

Well, an aspect you need to understand is that lochia contains bacteria. By using a tampon, you’ll block the bacteria, which will then go back to the uterus and cause severe infection. To avoid this trouble, prioritize maxi pads for your postpartum period.

Disposable Underwear

After delivery, you will experience heavy bleeding for a couple of days or even weeks. It means that there is a high chance that you’ll bleed through your underwear at least once during your postpartum recovery. For this reason, it would help that you consider using disposable underwear. Alternatively, you can have a few pairs that you won’t mind throwing away once stained.

Nipple Shield

With certainty, breastfeeding can sometimes be a challenge as you start. This is the case with flat or inverted nipples making it difficult for your child to have a strong latch. Latching could also be an issue if your baby has a tongue or lip-tie. With such challenges, you and your baby may have a painful breastfeeding experience.

To help with the process, it would be best to get a nipple shield. This item helps your baby learn how to latch well. Besides, it also ensures that you don’t feel pain around the nipple area due to drying or cracking. With this, you can be sure not to suffer and that your baby will be satisfied.

A Peri Bottle

A peri bottle is a postpartum washroom necessity. This bottle is crucial as it cleans the sensitive area and facilitates a faster healing process. When the area is not clean, you are unlikely to infections. What is more, after a vaginal delivery, the vagina will be tender and swollen, making it uncomfortable to use toilet paper.

Ice Packs

As stated above, after delivery, the vagina will swell, making it uncomfortable. To help reduce the inflammation and ease the pain, a cooling sensation will be necessary, and that’s where ice packs come in handy. Using the ice packs is highly effective when used 24 hours after delivery. If the hospital you deliver in does not offer disposable ice packs, you should not worry as you can easily make yours.

Adult Pajamas

After delivery, you want to have minimal clothes as much as possible as you go to sleep. This is to help you feel comfortable through the night and not have to worry about squeezing the sensitive area. In addition, with cozy kickee pants adult pajamas, you’ll have an easy time breastfeeding.

Belly Support

It is worth noting that it might take a while for your hormones to regulate. This said, with relaxin hormone, you are likely to put on more weight. To get your body back to its initial shape, it would help to use a belly wrap of a binder. This item is ideal if you have done a C-section delivery as it eases the pain around the incision area when you laugh or sneeze. Additionally, before using a belly wrap, make sure to consult with your physical therapist to know if it’s safe for you to use.

Epsom Salt

This is also a must-have items in your recovery kit as it helps reduce pain after birth. You’ll use the Epsom salt during your sitz bath. Alternatively, you can use your bath water, add some salt, and sit on it for a few minutes. This procedure will lessen the pain around your perineum and rectum area.

High-Waisted Granny Panties

Even when these panties do not make a definitive fashion statement, they are ideal for your healing process. The high-waisted granny panties are essential as they are spacious, giving you enough space to place your ice packs. They also ensure that you don’t feel any irritation around the sensitive areas. This way, you can move around with ease.

Constipation Buster

It’s important to note that constipation is common after delivery. Constipation is a result of a change in the digestive system as a result of giving birth. Note that you will experience uncomfortable and unusual bowel movements when you are constipated. To ensure that you stay at the top of your bowel mobility, consider constipation busters such as always staying hydrated.

To set the ball rolling, ensure you have all the relevant items to keep your postpartum healing process on track. Before your baby arrives, ensure to purchase all the vital supplies.

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